Master universitario de flamencología, 100% online

The online methodology used for the Master’s in Flamenco is both dynamic and pro-active.  It allows students to organize their time and schedules as they wish. It is only necessary for them to meet the deadlines for assignments and activities required by each subject.

  1. The subjects are offered one after another allowing the student to concentrate on one single theme at a time, from the beginning to end.  
  2. The Virtual Campus allows the student to access the virtual classroom   of each subject the student is enrolled in.
  3. The student will find the planning of each course with the work to be done within the week.  This planning will include explanations from the Professor/Tutor.
  4. This is the hour that the lecture starts with the assigned  themes in the course program.
  5. The student must complete the recommended lectures and the complementary information proposed by the professor.
  6. Practical Work:  Completing the Course Exams.  Each theme has assigned tests or exams.
  7.  Students must assist in the Debate Forum to discuss what they have learned and to resolve any doubts they have in the course.  The professor/tutor will inform the student of the days and schedules assigned for this work.

In the Virtual Classroom, the student will be able to communicate by email with the professor/tutor to discuss any doubts or seek advice as required.


The technical requirements to participate in the program are the following:

-Ability to compute with the operative system MS Windows Navigator.

- Internet Connection, preferably wide band.  The Global Classroom of the program will be the space in which the participants will find the course documentation, where they will be able to find the assigned activities and to hand in their work online, consult their marks and access the program calendars.  The Global Classroom permits students to access different levels of communications in which all of the relevant information for following the courses will be found.



The student must remember that they are not alone.  They should periodically access the Virtual Classroom so as not to lose the thread of the course and to be aware on a daily basis of any news in the course.

The student should ask their questions to the professor directly in the Debate Forums.  They should participate in the presentations of the other students.  The exchange of opinions, materials and ideas will enrich the student experience greatly.

Finally, the student must remember that they are studying through an online methodology.  This implies a high level of personal discipline and students must NOT leave work until the last minute.  

Master universitario de flamencología en la Esmuc (Barcelona)