Master de Flamencología en Barcelona, 100% online

The masters degree in Flamencology is taught Online.

It is aimed at professional musicians or graduates in humanities, social sciences, communication, audiovisual or other specialties who are interested in the study of theoretical aspects of Flamenco music.

This program promotes a multidisciplinary vision of flamenco which provides tools for the development and paths into current research practice. The aim is to open new horizons based on both the analytical and empirical study of the art of Flamenco. All of this is done through a formation which allows the students to directly develop their professional artistry and careers upon completing the degree.

The online modality is based in new tecnologies, all from the virtual campus, a platform which permits the student to adapt and organize their study availability and work schedules. The Esmuc provides a detailed work schedule of each course based on didactic material through a work course manual. In addition to the manual, there is multimedia reference material provided which includes audio and visual guides.

It has 7 modules with several subjects each with the following principal contents:

Research Methodologies

History and  Sociology  of Flamenco

Musical Concepts

The three pillars of flamenco: flamenco dance, flamenco singing and flamenco guitar

Flamenco in the Arts

Teaching Flamenco

The business of flamenco and its dissemination

The completion of the Master’s thesis work will focus topics of interest in the field of research Flamenco.

Historia del flamenco: Flamencología